Case Study

Niche: SaaS Product

How we took the a/c from USD 1,000 to USD 19,000 ad spend per month in 5 Months and still managed to get leads less than target CPL

Amount Spent:


Free Leads:





8 Months

Target Location:


Marketing Strategy Details

Objective: To get lead for Free Signup under $10

Target Location: USA

Account Audit and Fixing the Fundamentals:

  • We did an in-depth a/c audit before started working on the a/c.
  • Highlighted many grey areas and fixed it
  • The offer was great so only need to place it in front of right Audiences via different channels of Google
  • Fixed the fundamentals like right Conversion action setup
  • Make it at a/c default level to give Google clear instructions what to optimise for.
  • Correct campaigns structure and hierarchy

Campaign & Extensions:

  •      Setup Brand campaign in Search
  • Setup NB Campaign in Search with tight theme of Keywords
  • P.Max campaign setup with high intent Audience, play with different Creatives and Videos
  • Remarketing GDN Ads to retarget Cold Traffic
  • Setup YouTube Ads for highly niched Content targeting

Optimization & Scaling:

  • P. Max campaign play as the game changer in this a/c.
  • GDN campaign was also the 2nd best campaign in getting leads
  • In Brand Campaign, smart bidding worked best
  • Target CPL was $10 however, I managed to get CPL under $8 and some months it was even under $6


Client was so happy with the performance of Google Ads as this marketing channel contributed a significant part to grow this startup business,

Screenshot of the Performance Data