Case Study

Home Textiles & Furnishings

That’s how we got the account from loss to Profits and got ROAS of 2.21 in just 3 months. 

Amount Spent:







2 Months

Target Location:


Challenges & Objectives


With a vast assortment of home textile products, they were geared up to beautify living spaces across the market. Yet, their Google Ads endeavors were falling short, with the return on investment not even hitting the breakeven point for profitability. The challenge lay in overhauling their advertising approach to move beyond mere recovery of costs and towards achieving substantial profit margins and business growth..


The goal for them was to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their Google Ads efforts, moving from a position of not reaching breakeven to achieving and surpassing profitability benchmarks. The strategy centered on redefining their ad approach to optimize for higher margins, greater market penetration, and sustainable business growth through digital advertising.

Marketing Strategy Details


  • A/c was not profitable even it was not at breakeven.
  • They were only targeting Brand keywords, so the sales were limited.
  • No campaign was there to remarket Audience.
  • No Shopping Campaign was set up


  • Split Brand keywords in different types of keyword and rephrase the msg in ad copy.
  • Set up MOF Search campaigns with right bid strategy, Keywords & Audience
  • Setup Shopping Campaigns to get every opportunity
  • Remarketing Display Campaign for low hanging fruits.
  • Setup Correct and appealing Extensions

Optimization & Scaling

  • Optimize for best Keywords & Audience in MOF Campaigns for each Category.
  • Optimize Brand Keywords campaign to get max ROAS
  • Once the MOF campaign start profiting, we start scale the campaign and the a/c simultaneously.
  • We managed to get 2X ROAS in 3 months

Screenshot of the Performance Data