Case Study

Home Décor, Indoor & Patio Furniture

How we consistently managed over $200K ad spend (on Avg) per month with consistent ROAS of over 5X for last 19 months
This is one of the biggest Dropshipping Store in USA

Amount Spent:







19 Months

Target Location:


Challenges & Objectives


Despite having a diverse and extensive product line with existing Google & YouTube Ads campaigns, they found themselves in a conundrum. Their digital advertising efforts were yielding limited profitability, restricting their ability to scale ad spend without sacrificing returns. The challenge was to unlock the potential for increased ad spend that drives profitability, enabling sustainable growth and market dominance.


The primary goal for them was to strategically increase their Google & YouTube advertising spend while ensuring that every dollar spent translates into profitable growth. The focus was on optimizing their ad campaigns to unlock new market opportunities and achieve a scalable advertising model that supports both immediate and long-term profitability.

Marketing Strategy Details

A/c Audit & Fixing the Fundamentals:

  • Remove duplicate Conversion Actions.
  • Setup Conversion actions separately for each product category so we can optimize it at Campaign level.
  • Set up correct conversion actions for each level of buyer journey, Page View, Add to Cart, etc…
  • Fix the attribution model to provide more data to Google AI.
  • Since we are using Hyros to track & measure conversions so no need to setup Enhanced conversion.
  • Setup Campaign based Goals for Tracking

Campaigns & Extensions:

  • Split Brand and Non-Brand Campaigns
  • Set up Shopping Campaigns
  • Standard for all Products
  • Set up Shopping Campaigns
  • Smart for Winning / top performing Products
  • In-app Purchase campaigns set up to get Conversion done from the app
  • Brand Awareness via YT and retarget those Audience via Discovery Ads.
  • Remarketing Display.
  • Performance Max campaign for multiple audience segments.
  • Products Segments in PMax Campaigns for easy scaling
  • Remarketing Search Audience via RLSA Campaign because they are low hanging fruits.
  • Set up all types of extensions to increate CTR of all ads
  • Setup Automation for Promotions every week and public occasions

Optimization & Scaling

  • Continuous optimization for Search Terms to increase ROAS and save budget
  • Scaling of TOF & MOF Campaigns.
  • Continuous testing more audiences.
  • Deep Analysis of Insights from PMax Campaigns
  • Create separate campaigns for top Search Terms and scale them

Screenshot of the Performance Data