Case Study

Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

This is how our team managed to get USD 71,500 while spending USD 22,800 with ROAS of 3.13

Amount Spent

USD 22,800


USD 71,500




3 Months

Target Location:


Challenges & Objectives


They possessed a premium range of anti-aging skincare products with the potential to make a significant impact in the market. However, their journey on Google Ads was marred by underperformance, as their campaigns failed to generate the expected profits and sales. The key challenge was to transform their Google Ads strategy to not only recover investment but also secure a profitable foothold in the competitive skincare industry.


For them, the objective was twofold: firstly, to revitalize their Google Ads campaigns to turn the tide from underperformance to profitability, and secondly, to establish a dominant presence in the anti-aging skincare market by maximizing sales. This involved a comprehensive overhaul of their advertising strategy to ensure higher conversion rates and a significant return on investment.

Marketing Strategy Details

A/c Audit & Fixing the Fundamentals:

  • Targeting only brand Keywords
  • Inaccurate conversion action setup
  • Issue in tracking data
  • Other housekeeping stuff.
  • We improved conversion tracking set up correctly so that every transaction should be record corrected
  • Used correct attribution model.
  • Change other housekeeping stuff.
  • Make 1 Conversion action as A/c-default Goal


Campaigns & Extensions:

  •  Refine Brand Search Campaign with more Granular brand KWs.    
  •       Set up MOF Search campaigns with right bid strategy, Keywords & Audience
  •            Setup Shopping Campaigns for all Products to see winning products and their related Search
  •       Set up a separate Campaign with those KWs and scale gradually. 
  •       Remarketing Display Campaign for low hanging fruits. 
  •       Setup YouTube Campaign with UGC Content for Cold Traffic
  •            A Discovery Campaign was setup for more hot leads for Retargeting YT Audience
  •            Setup Correct and appealing Extension

Optimization & Scaling

  •            Optimize for best Keywords & Audience in MOF Campaigns for each Product.
  •       Optimize Brand Keywords campaign to get more than 20x ROAS
  •           Once the MOF campaign start profiting, we start scale the campaign and the a/c simultaneously.
  •       We managed to get 3.13 ROAS in 3 months

Screenshot of the Performance Data